Torn things have been pulled apart or ripped. Things can be literally torn, like a torn piece of paper, or figuratively torn — like your torn heart when you have to take sides in a family feud.

You can serve a salad full of torn lettuce leaves, or mend a stuffed animal with a torn ear. In both cases, something has been divided by force, or pulled apart. It's also possible to be emotionally torn, or conflicted between two choices, options, or people: "I'm torn between going to the party or staying home and reading my library book." Either way, torn things are difficult (and sometimes impossible) to repair.

Definitions of torn

adj disrupted by the pull of contrary forces

torn between love and hate”
torn by conflicting loyalties”
torn by religious dissensions”
separated into parts or pieces

adj having edges that are jagged from injury

lacerate, lacerated, mangled

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