A titter is an awkward laugh at something that you shouldn’t be laughing at, like during dinner when Uncle Marvin makes a joke about your mother’s new hairstyle. If you try to hide your laugh, it’s probably a titter.

A laugh that you can’t keep in but also can’t let out, that’s a titter. It usually happens in situations where you shouldn’t be laughing, like listening to your English teacher talk about a date he went on the night before, or when someone tells you a joke in a library. A titter is kinder than a snicker, less noticeable than a giggle, quieter than a chuckle, and way less fun than a chortle. Life’s a joke, laugh it up!

Definitions of titter
  1. verb
    laugh nervously
    synonyms: giggle
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    type of:
    express joy, express mirth, laugh
    produce laughter
  2. noun
    a nervous restrained laugh
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    type of:
    laugh, laughter
    the sound of laughing
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