Definitions of timing

n the regulation of occurrence, pace, or coordination to achieve a desired effect (as in music, theater, athletics, mechanics)

the regulation of diverse elements into an integrated and harmonious operation
synchronisation, synchronization, synchronizing
coordinating by causing to indicate the same time
the proportional limitation of production or distribution of something (e.g. crude oil or natural gas) to some fractional part of the total capacity of each producer
Type of:
regulating, regulation
the act of controlling or directing according to rule

n the time when something happens

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approach, approaching, coming
the temporal property of becoming nearer in time
quality of coming early or earlier in time
quality of coming late or later in time
promptness, punctuality
the quality or habit of adhering to an appointed time
the quality or habit of not adhering to a correct or usual or expected time
simultaneity, simultaneousness
happening or existing or done at the same time
seasonableness, timeliness
being at the right time
unseasonableness, untimeliness
being at an inappropriate time
the quality of being past
the quality of being in or of the future
nowness, presentness
the quality of being the present
lead, spark advance
the timing of ignition relative to the position of the piston in an internal-combustion engine
an advanced stage
antecedence, antecedency, anteriority, precedence, precedency, priority
preceding in time
posteriority, subsequence, subsequentness
following in time
co-occurrence, coincidence, concurrence, conjunction
the temporal property of two things happening at the same time
recency, recentness
a time immediately before the present
currency, currentness, up-to-dateness
the property of belonging to the present time
Type of:
temporal arrangement, temporal order
arrangement of events in time

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