Doing something thoughtfully means acting in a careful, considered way. If your teacher nods thoughtfully when you participate in class, you'll feel she's really listening to you.

There are various ways to act thoughtfully, including simply thinking — like when you gaze thoughtfully at the clear night sky. You're also behaving thoughtfully when you're carefully attentive: "I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I considered my response thoughtfully after she asked if I liked her haircut." And when you're considerate of others, you also act thoughtfully, like when you thoughtfully buy your brother's favorite candy while you're at the store.

Definitions of thoughtfully

adv in a thoughtful manner

“he stared thoughtfully out the window”
thoughtlessly, unthinking, unthinkingly
in a thoughtless manner

adv showing consideration and thoughtfulness

“he had thoughtfully brought with him some food to share”
showing thoughtlessness

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