There is a noun meaning "another place." So if you're not here, you can only be there.

This very general term names a place apart from here, but it has many uses. It can mean “at that point or place,” as in "It is there that the argument starts to seem silly.” People say "There, there" to console someone who is sad. This word describes a situation too, as in "There is a problem" or "There's no place like home." If you're pointing something out that's hard to see, you'll say "There! Right there!"

Definitions of there
  1. adverb
    in or at that place
    “they have lived there for years”
    “it's not there
    “that man there
    synonyms: at that place, in that location
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    in or at this place; where the speaker or writer is
  2. adverb
    to or toward that place; away from the speaker
    “go there around noon!”
    synonyms: thither
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    here, hither
    to this place (especially toward the speaker)
  3. adverb
    in that matter
    “I agree with you there
    synonyms: in that respect, on that point
  4. noun
    a location other than here; that place
    “you can take it from there
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    the present location; this place
    type of:
    a point or extent in space
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