1. Dopastat a monoamine neurotransmitter found in the brain and essential for the normal functioning of the central nervous system; as a drug (trade names Dopastat and Intropin) it is used to treat shock and hypotension
  2. deep-seated deeply rooted; firmly fixed or held
  3. devastate cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly
  4. tapestry a wall hanging of heavy fabric with pictorial designs
  5. aesthetic characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste
  6. apostate not faithful to religion or party or cause
  7. triacetate cellulose acetate that is relatively slow to burn
  8. thrust out push to thrust outward
  9. detested treated with contempt
  10. postdate be later in time
  11. Dennstaedtia chiefly terrestrial ferns
  12. bedstead the framework of a bed
  13. time study an analysis of a specific job in an effort to find the most efficient method in terms of time and effort
  14. tipstaff staff with a metal tip carried as a sign of office by e.g. a bailiff or constable
  15. the absurd a situation in which life seems irrational and meaningless
  16. upstate in or toward the northern parts of a state
  17. depository a facility for storage or safekeeping
  18. Bay State a state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies
  19. posterity all future generations
  20. capacitate make capable