1. thankful feeling or showing gratitude
  2. thank express gratitude or show appreciation to
  3. thane a feudal lord or baron
  4. thanks an acknowledgment of appreciation
  5. thanatology the branch of science that studies death
  6. thanatophobia a morbid fear of death
  7. thanatopsis an essay expressing a view on the subject of death
  8. Thanatos the Greek personification of death; son of Nyx
  9. thaneship the position of thane
  10. thankfully in a thankful manner; with thanks
  11. thankfulness warm friendly feelings of gratitude
  12. thankless not feeling or showing gratitude
  13. thankless wretch a person who shows no gratitude
  14. thank offering an offering made as an expression of thanks
  15. Thanksgiving fourth Thursday in November in the United States
  16. thanksgiving a short prayer of thanks before a meal