If it has a lens that can magnify extremely far-away objects, it's telescopic. Another way objects can be telescopic is if they are made from a series of tubes that slide inside each other.

Telescopes are the most obviously telescopic things — they magnify distant objects, like the moon, and sometimes have a series of tubes that slide out. Picture a pirate's telescopic spyglass, one type of telescope, which expands so the pirate can peer through it. If you use a camera with a telescopic lens, don’t stand too close to your subject because the lens might bonk them in the nose. Telescopic also describes something that’s only visible with a telescope, like a far-away star.

Definitions of telescopic
  1. adjective
    visible only with a telescope
    “a bright star with a telescopic companion”
    seeable, visible
    capable of being seen; or open to easy view
  2. adjective
    capable of discerning distant objects
    “a telescopic eye”
    telescopic vision”
    farsighted, presbyopic
    able to see distant objects clearly
  3. adjective
    having parts that slide one within another
    “a telescopic antenna”
    “a telescopic drinking cup”
    collapsable, collapsible
    capable of collapsing or being collapsed
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