1. tax return document giving the tax collector information about the taxpayer's tax liability
  2. Dixiecrats a former political party in the United States
  3. tax rate rate used to calculate tax liability
  4. afterwards happening at a time subsequent to a reference time
  5. tax credit a direct reduction in tax liability
  6. boxershorts underpants worn by men
  7. soar upwards rise rapidly
  8. tax revenue government income due to taxation
  9. awkward lacking grace or skill in manner or movement or performance
  10. backwards in a manner or order or direction the reverse of normal
  11. deck of cards a pack of 52 playing cards
  12. tax write-off a reduction in the gross amount on which a tax is calculated
  13. beaux arts the study and creation of visual works of art
  14. hawk's-beards any of various plants of the genus Crepis having loose heads of yellow flowers on top of a long branched leafy stem; northern hemisphere
  15. Max Perutz English biochemist
  16. forwards at or to or toward the front
  17. tax break a tax deduction that is granted in order to encourage a particular type of commercial activity
  18. sidewards toward one side
  19. spacewards towards outer space
  20. eastwards toward the east