Definitions of tattler
  1. noun
    someone who gossips indiscreetly
    synonyms: blabbermouth, talebearer, taleteller, tattletale, telltale
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    type of:
    gossip, gossiper, gossipmonger, newsmonger, rumormonger, rumourmonger
    a person given to gossiping and divulging personal information about others
  2. noun
    any of several long-legged shorebirds having a loud whistling cry
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    Heteroscelus incanus, Polynesian tattler
    tattler of Pacific coastal regions
    Catoptrophorus semipalmatus, willet
    large North American shorebird of eastern and Gulf Coasts
    type of:
    any of numerous usually small wading birds having a slender bill and piping call; closely related to the plovers
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