A tantrum is a short-lived fit of frustration. Kids have them. Politicians have them. Reality show stars have them. I bet even you have had one!

To understand what tantrum means, stake out a supermarket and observe parents with toddlers. Soon, you will see a small child, incapable of expressing the complexities of why he or she really needs a lollipop, erupt into a full-blown tantrum. When people explode into tantrums, they no longer seem able to control their impulses. (I can’t have that lollipop or that place on the island? Well, I’m going to FREAK OUT!) Even the most mature of us are susceptible to tantrums when we are tired, hungry or discouraged.

Definitions of tantrum
  1. noun
    a display of bad temper
    “she threw a tantrum
    synonyms: conniption, fit, scene
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    type of:
    bad temper, ill temper
    a persisting angry mood
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