A tabloid is a newspaper, especially one that's smaller than a traditional daily paper and focuses on sensational news items. If you're lucky, you might read some juicy tabloid headlines when you pass the corner newsstand.

A tabloid is more likely to print celebrity gossip or crime stories with large photographs than news about international issues or the economy, especially on the front page. Tabloids aren't taken entirely seriously as journalism, although they are very popular and tend to sell well. The word tabloid originally meant "small tablet of medicine" in the 1880's. By 1900, it also meant "a compressed form of anything," including journalism.

Definitions of tabloid
  1. noun
    newspaper with half-size pages
    synonyms: rag, sheet
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    type of:
    newspaper, paper
    a daily or weekly publication on folded sheets; contains news and articles and advertisements
  2. noun
    sensationalist journalism
    synonyms: tab, yellow journalism
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    type of:
    journalism, news media
    newspapers and magazines collectively
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