That big piece of fabric you use to cover your kitchen table is a tablecloth. There's nothing like a tablecloth and a couple of candles to make an ordinary meal feel just a little bit fancy.

People have used tablecloths for centuries, both as a decoration and to protect the table. The most common type is made from linen or cotton, but there's a nearly endless variety. History shows examples of embroidered, velvet, silk, and lace tablecloths. These days you'll also find waterproof, plastic-coated tablecloths. If you really want to impress your friends, you'll learn the famous magic trick that involves pulling a tablecloth off a table so fast you don't disturb the plates!

Definitions of tablecloth
  1. noun
    a covering spread over a dining table
    see moresee less
    tea cloth
    a small tablecloth
    type of:
    napery, table linen
    linens for the dining table
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