1. technical of or relating to aptitude in a practical skill
  2. tectonics the branch of geology studying the folding and faulting of the earth's crust
  3. cynical believing the worst of human nature and motives
  4. technically with regard to technique
  5. takings the income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property
  6. mechanics the branch of physics concerned with the motion of bodies
  7. Cnicus one species: blessed thistle
  8. diggings an excavation for ore or precious stones or for archaeology
  9. eugenics the study of improving qualities by selective breeding
  10. technician someone who is trained in a specific process
  11. decanoic acid a fatty acid found in animal oils and fats
  12. CN gas a tear gas that is weaker than CS gas but lasts longer
  13. Dominicus first day of the week
  14. Cycnoches genus of epiphytic or terrestrial tropical American orchids
  15. autogenics training patients in self-induced relaxation
  16. laconic brief and to the point
  17. technicality a detail that is considered insignificant
  18. teaching aid materials and equipment used in teaching
  19. pickings the act of someone who picks up or takes something
  20. mechanical using tools or devices