Systematic describes something that is planned out and careful. In your systematic search for your mother's car keys, you start in one room, looking everywhere from bottom to top before moving to the next room.

Use the adjective systematic to describe things that are orderly and efficient. The Latin root of systematic is systema, an arrangement or system. Think about a multi-step process that you have found the fastest and best way to complete — you do it over and over. You might be systematic about packing for a long trip or the way you travel up and down the aisles at a grocery store, probably with a list in your hand.

Definitions of systematic

adj characterized by order and planning

“the investigation was very systematic
“a systematic administrator”
methodical and efficient in arrangement or function
in accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle
lacking systematic arrangement or method or organization
disorganised, disorganized
lacking order or methodical arrangement or function
contrary to rule or accepted order or general practice
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adj of or relating to taxonomy

taxonomic, taxonomical

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