Suspicious behavior inspires distrust. Prancing around your backyard in a trench coat and fake mustache during daylight might elicit weird looks from your neighbors; do it at night, though, so that your silhouette glides past their windows, and what appeared innocent enough hours before will quickly transition to suspicious.

Use this adjective to describe a behavior or event that arouses doubt or mistrust. How to avoid appearing suspicious? Well, for one, stop pausing mid-conversation to take covert notes in that little journal of yours. And two, don’t wear sunglasses indoors, and don’t try to walk without making a sound. That will make people cagey, which is a synonym for suspicious. Other synonyms include apprehensive, doubtful, wary, and watchful.

Definitions of suspicious

adj openly distrustful and unwilling to confide

leery, mistrustful, untrusting, wary
having or showing distrust

adj not as expected

suspicious behavior”
fishy, funny, shady, suspect
subject to question

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