Suspicious behavior inspires distrust. Prancing around your backyard in a trench coat and fake mustache during daylight might elicit weird looks from your neighbors; do it at night, though, so that your silhouette glides past their windows, and what appeared innocent enough hours before will quickly transition to suspicious.

Use this adjective to describe a behavior or event that arouses doubt or mistrust. How to avoid appearing suspicious? Well, for one, stop pausing mid-conversation to take covert notes in that little journal of yours. And two, don’t wear sunglasses indoors, and don’t try to walk without making a sound. That will make people cagey, which is a synonym for suspicious. Other synonyms include apprehensive, doubtful, wary, and watchful.

Definitions of suspicious
  1. adjective
    openly distrustful and unwilling to confide
    synonyms: leery, mistrustful, untrusting, wary
    having or showing distrust
  2. adjective
    not as expected
    suspicious behavior”
    synonyms: fishy, funny, shady, suspect
    subject to question
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