Sunshine is the light that comes from the sun. On a clear, cloudless spring day, you can go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Scientifically, sunshine or sunlight is the radiation that the sun gives off. You can describe any light or warmth you observe from the sun as sunshine: "Look at the sunshine sparkling on the lake this morning!" Figuratively, the word is also used for cheerfulness, warmth, and happiness: "It's all sunshine and sing-alongs in the kindergarten classroom, but fourth grade is totally different."

Definitions of sunshine

n the rays of the sun

sun, sunlight
a sudden emergence of the sun from behind clouds
Type of:
light, visible light, visible radiation
(physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation

n moderate weather; suitable for outdoor activities

fair weather, temperateness
Type of:
atmospheric condition, conditions, weather, weather condition
the atmospheric conditions that comprise the state of the atmosphere in terms of temperature and wind and clouds and precipitation

n the quality of being cheerful and dispelling gloom

cheer, cheerfulness, sunniness
not conducive to cheer or good spirits
good-humoredness, good-humouredness, good-naturedness, good-temperedness
a cheerful willingness to be obliging
Type of:
an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of an entity

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