Subhuman words and actions aren't worthy of a human being. Stealing a toy from a child is a subhuman thing to do.

Sub- means “below” or “under.” Just as a submarine is below the surface of the ocean, something subhuman is below what is appropriate for human beings. In science fiction, creatures from another planet might be described as subhuman if their civilization is less advanced than ours. Here on Earth, subhuman is often used to describe cruel behavior. Unfortunately, humans do lots of subhuman things.

Definitions of subhuman
  1. adjective
    less than human or not worthy of a human being
    “a subhuman spectacle”
    “the subhuman primates”
    belonging to a group below humans in evolutionary development
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    above or beyond the human or demanding more than human power or endurance
    divine, godlike
    appropriate to or befitting a god
    herculean, powerful
    displaying superhuman strength or power
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  2. adjective
    unfit for human beings
    subhuman conditions of life”
    below the required standards for a purpose
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