stunted; stunts; stunting

To stunt is to slow or hinder. Some people say that drinking coffee will stunt your growth when you're a teenager — they worry that you won't grow any taller.

Poor nutrition can stunt your growth, and bad soil will do the same for a plant — a lack of moisture or nutrients will stunt the development of your lettuce or tomatoes. Another meaning of stunt is a dangerous trick, the kind performed in an action movie or by planes in an air show. The root of "check the growth" is the Old English stunt, "short witted or foolish," while the "trick" kind of stunt comes from nineteenth century American college slang.

Definitions of stunt
  1. verb
    check the growth or development of
    “You will stunt your growth by building all these muscles”
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    check the growth of
    type of:
    hinder, impede
    be a hindrance or obstacle to
  2. noun
    a creature (especially a whale) that has been prevented from attaining full growth
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    type of:
    animal, animate being, beast, brute, creature, fauna
    a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
  3. noun
    a difficult or unusual or dangerous feat; usually done to gain attention
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    Russian roulette
    a stunt in which you spin the cylinder of a revolver that is loaded with only one bullet and then point the muzzle at your head and pull the trigger
    acrobatic feat, acrobatic stunt
    a stunt performed by an acrobat
    an acrobatic feat in which the trunk is bent backward from a standing position until the hands touch the floor
    back circle
    a feat in which an acrobat arches the back from a prone position and bends the knees until the toes touch the head
    backbends combined with handstands
    acrobatic revolutions with the body turned sideways and the arms and legs outstretched like the spokes of a wheel
    an acrobatic feat in which a person goes from a standing position to a handstand and back again
    an acrobatic feat in which a person balances on the head (usually with the help of the hands)
    an acrobatic feat of rolling or turning end over end
    extending the legs at right angles to the trunk (one in front and the other in back)
    type of:
    effort, exploit, feat
    a notable achievement
  4. verb
    perform a stunt or stunts
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    type of:
    do, execute, perform
    carry out or perform an action
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