1. street smarts a shrewd ability to survive in a dangerous urban environment
  2. team sport a sport that involves competition between teams of players
  3. transport move something or somebody around
  4. neutral spirits nonflavored alcohol of 95 percent or 190 proof used for blending with straight whiskies and in making gin and liqueurs
  5. street smart having the shrewd resourcefulness needed to survive in an urban environment
  6. team spirit the spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed
  7. transporter a long truck for carrying motor vehicles
  8. Citrus paradisi citrus tree bearing large round edible fruit having a thick yellow rind and juicy somewhat acid pulp
  9. water sport sports that involve bodies of water
  10. strumpet a woman adulterer
  11. outdoor sport a sport that is played outdoors
  12. steam-powered powered by a steam engine
  13. equestrian sport a sport that tests horsemanship
  14. Astreus pteridis the largest earthstar
  15. treaty port a port in China or Korea or Japan that once was open to foreign trade on the basis of a trading treaty
  16. state-supported supported and operated by the government of a state
  17. red sprites atmospheric electricity (lasting 10 msec) appearing as globular flashes of red (pink to blood-red) light rising to heights of 60 miles (sometimes seen together with elves)
  18. streambed a channel occupied (or formerly occupied) by a stream
  19. street sweeper a worker employed to clean streets
  20. ardent spirits strong distilled liquor or brandy