1. strategic warning (military) a warning prior to the start of a threatening act
  2. strategic intelligence intelligence that is required for forming policy and military plans at national and international levels
  3. stratus cloud a large dark low cloud
  4. stratified sampling the population is divided into subpopulations (strata) and random samples are taken of each stratum
  5. starting line a line indicating the location of the start of a race or a game
  6. extraterrestrial being a form of life assumed to exist outside the Earth or its atmosphere
  7. strategic buyout an acquisition based on analysis of the benefits of consolidation in anticipation of increased earning power
  8. article of clothing a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
  9. strategically with regard to strategy
  10. strategist an expert in systematic plans of action
  11. strategical relating to or concerned with strategy
  12. gesticulating making gestures while speaking
  13. stress incontinence urinary incontinence that occurs when involuntary pressure is put on the bladder by coughing or laughing or sneezing or lifting or straining
  14. stratification forming or depositing in layers
  15. straight angle an angle of 180 degrees
  16. Strongylodon genus of Polynesian or southeastern Asian shrubs or vines
  17. strategic relating to an elaborate and systematic plan of action
  18. concluding occurring at or forming an end or termination
  19. street clothes ordinary clothing suitable for public appearances
  20. street cleaner a worker employed to clean streets