1. step in act as a substitute
  2. step-in short underpants for women or children
  3. step on place or press the foot on
  4. steepen become steeper
  5. stewpan a saucepan used for stewing
  6. Steuben American Revolutionary leader (born in Prussia) who trained the troops under George Washington (1730-1794)
  7. stepson the son your spouse by a former marriage
  8. stearin an ester of glycerol and stearic acid
  9. Stephen English writer (1832-1904)
  10. stein a mug intended for serving beer
  11. stopping fastener consisting of a narrow strip of welded metal used to join steel members
  12. stern serious and harsh in manner or behavior
  13. set upon assail or attack on all sides: "The zebra was beset by leopards"
  14. stubborn tenaciously unwilling to yield
  15. Stein experimental expatriate United States writer (1874-1946)
  16. cytopenia a deficiency of some cellular element of the blood
  17. stipend a sum of money allotted on a regular basis
  18. stepwise proceeding in steps
  19. steppe an extensive plain without trees
  20. sleep in live in the house where one works