Use the adjective stealthy to describe something or someone that is marked by secrecy, even sneakiness. Ninjas are stealthy, moving quietly and cautiously, which makes them excellent spies.

When something is done in a stealthy way, the motivation is almost always to escape from being noticed. If your cat is walking so lightly that you can’t hear her footsteps, she's not necessarily being stealthy on purpose, she’s just a graceful cat. However, if you see your cat creeping forward toward a mouse, trying not to scare it away before she can pounce, then she's definitely being stealthy.

Definitions of stealthy

adj marked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed

stealthy footsteps”
furtive, sneak, sneaky, surreptitious
hidden on any grounds for any motive

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