To be stately is to appear noble and impressive, almost in a larger than life kind of way. You may encounter a stately gentleman or a stately statue. If you do, take a little bow.

There are a few meanings of stately, but they both refer to people and things that have an impressive bearing. The first meaning has to do with nobility and class. A ceremony honoring a prince is stately, and the music and dress surrounding such events are stately. Stately things convey sophistication and regality. Also, stately can mean statuesque. Someone with great posture and an impressive physique is stately, almost as if they were made by a sculptor.

Definitions of stately

adj impressive in appearance

stately columns”
baronial, imposing, noble
making a strong or vivid impression

adj of size and dignity suggestive of a statue

great in vertical dimension; high in stature

adj refined or imposing in manner or appearance; befitting a royal court

courtly, formal
having or expressing dignity; especially formality or stateliness in bearing or appearance

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