A standoff happens when two people or groups can't move forward or proceed because of a disagreement, or when two teams have a tied score.

In chess, a stalemate is a kind of standoff—when there's no way for a player to move without putting herself in check. Another example of a standoff is when two governments are bargaining or negotiating but can't reach an agreement, and so make no progress. You might see protesters and police officers in a standoff, or witness friends argue about politics and reach a standoff, where neither one will change their mind.

Definitions of standoff
  1. noun
    the finish of a contest in which the score is tied and the winner is undecided
    synonyms: draw, tie
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    dead heat
    a tie in a race
    drawing position in chess: any of a player's possible moves would place his king in check
    type of:
    designated event that concludes a contest (especially a race)
  2. noun
    the act of repulsing or repelling an attack; a successful defensive stand
    synonyms: repulsion
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    type of:
    a defensive effort
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