Stained things are dirtied or marked in some way. You should probably reserve your stained pants for painting your bedroom instead of wearing them to a fancy restaurant.

Accidentally stained things are just dirty, usually permanently. Deliberately stained things, on the other hand, have a tint or dye applied to their surface: "I'm pretty proud of the stained walnut coffee table I made." An image or reputation can also be figuratively stained: "A stained reputation at work will make it harder to find a new job."

Definitions of stained
  1. adjective
    marked or dyed or discolored with foreign matter
    “a badly stained tablecloth”
    “tear- stained cheeks”
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    not stained
    (of a specimen for study under a microscope) not treated with a reagent or dye
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  2. adjective
    having a coating of stain or varnish
    synonyms: varnished
    coated with paint
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