1. sports meeting a meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held
  2. participating taking part in an activity
  3. support stocking elasticized stocking intended to reduce pressure on the veins of the leg (as in case of varicose veins)
  4. sports desk the editorial department of a newspaper that edits the sports news
  5. spiritual being ghostly entity believed to affect the course of human events
  6. sports medicine the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of injuries or illness resulting from athletic activities
  7. speed skating competitive skating on speed skates
  8. sports editor the newspaper editor responsible for sports news
  9. sight setting the adjustment of a gunsight for elevation and windage on a particular range under favorable light conditions
  10. spore-bearing bearing spores instead of producing seeds
  11. sports page any page in the sports section of a newspaper
  12. subordinating serving to connect a subordinate clause to a main clause
  13. sports equipment equipment needed to participate in a particular sport
  14. sports stadium a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments
  15. sports section the section of a newspaper that reports on sports
  16. sports writer a journalist who writes about sports
  17. sportfishing the act of someone who fishes as a diversion
  18. sports arena a building for indoor sports
  19. sporting relating to or used in sports
  20. sports coat lightweight single-breasted jacket