1. spare-time activity an auxiliary activity
  2. productivity the quality of yielding positive results
  3. sportscaster an announcer who reads sports news or describes sporting events
  4. sports stadium a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments
  5. sports editor the newspaper editor responsible for sports news
  6. sports coat lightweight single-breasted jacket
  7. sports medicine the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of injuries or illness resulting from athletic activities
  8. sports writer a journalist who writes about sports
  9. sportscast a broadcast of sports news or commentary
  10. sport utility a high-performance four-wheel drive car built on a truck chassis
  11. civil rights activist a leader of the political movement dedicated to securing equal opportunity for members of minority groups
  12. sports meeting a meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held
  13. spirit stove a stove that burns a volatile liquid fuel such as alcohol
  14. sports jacket lightweight single-breasted jacket
  15. sportswriter a journalist who writes about sports
  16. desperate straits a state of extreme distress
  17. sports commentator an announcer who reads sports news or describes sporting events
  18. business activity activity undertaken as part of a commercial enterprise
  19. productive capable of bringing forth, especially abundantly
  20. sport kite a maneuverable kite controlled by two lines and flown with both hands