Looking truly magnificent today? Then someone (probably British) might stop you to say "Wow! You look splendid, darling!" Thanks the person, because splendid means glorious, fabulous, wonderful, and/or splendiferous.

Use the adjective splendid to describe something of the highest quality. If you're so lucky as to have someone buy you, say, a Harry Winston diamond, splendid! But splendid doesn't apply only to expensive items such as jewelry, clothing, or art. You can also have a splendid idea, morning walk, or encounter with an old friend. For some, using Splenda in their coffee instead of sugar is, for them, well, splendid!

Definitions of splendid

adj characterized by grandeur

“the splendid coronation ceremony”
brilliant, glorious, magnificent
making a strong or vivid impression

adj having great beauty and splendor

splendid costumes”
glorious, resplendent, splendiferous
delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration

adj very good;of the highest quality

excellent, fantabulous, first-class
of high or superior quality or performance

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