Do you like your outfits to have flair? A little sparkle? Then you're probably a fan of spangles, or small, shiny decorative things like sequins.

Vegas showgirls and beauty queens know all about spangle. Their outfits are usually covered in the sequins, crystals, golden beads and sparkly frills that are all considered kinds of spangles. And if you want to use spangle as a verb, go right ahead — as in, "all that glitter certainly makes those showgirls spangle up on stage."

Definitions of spangle

n adornment consisting of a small piece of shiny material used to decorate clothing

diamante, sequin
Type of:
a decoration of color or interest that is added to relieve plainness

v decorate with spangles

“the star- spangled banner”
Type of:
adorn, beautify, decorate, embellish, grace, ornament
make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.

v glitter as if covered with spangles

Type of:
gleam, glint, glisten, glitter, shine
be shiny, as if wet

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