Anyone can call a boy son, but technically, your son has to be your male child. If you're male, you are your parents' son. Well done, son!

You can use the noun son for non-human animals too: "Our cat had six kittens, five daughters and one son." But it's far more likely that you'll describe human offspring as sons or daughters. Family names (or surnames) in many cultures include son or son of, like "Jefferson" or "Wilson," originally "son of Jeffrey" and "son of William."

Definitions of son

n a male human offspring

“their son became a famous judge”
daughter, girl
a female human offspring
(Old Testament) the eldest son of Isaac who would have inherited the covenant that God made with Abraham and that Abraham passed on to Isaac; he traded his birthright to his twin brother Jacob for a mess of pottage
Jnr, Jr, Junior
a son who has the same first name as his father
mama's boy, mamma's boy, mother's boy
a boy excessively attached to his mother; lacking normal masculine interests
Type of:
male offspring, man-child
a child who is male

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