Anything described as happening socially has to do with society and how people interact. Someone who’s socially gifted goes to all the parties. That person would never do something socially unacceptable, like jump to the front of the line.

People live in societies, and social things have to do with people interacting. Therefore, anything described as happening socially involves people’s involvement with each other. A socially active person spends a lot of time with other people. Someone who is socially awkward has trouble communicating. Someone socially conscious is interested in helping other people. Since social media has become popular, this word increasingly applies to online social networks. For example, someone socially invisible might not use the Internet.

Definitions of socially
  1. adverb
    by or with respect to society
    socially accepted norms”
  2. adverb
    in a social manner
    socially unpopular”
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