When something is only okay or mediocre, it's so-so. If that new action movie had a few exciting scenes but an implausible plot and some uneven acting, you might say it was just so-so.

So-so is perfect for describing things that fall right in between terrible and spectacular. A basketball season in which your team wins half the games and loses the other half is a so-so season. And a movie book that you didn't hate but wouldn't recommend to all of your friends is also so-so. In French you'd say "Comme çi comme ça," or "like this, like that," and in Swahili you might say "Nusu nusu," or "half and half."

Definitions of so-so
  1. adjective
    being neither good nor bad
    “a so-so golfer”
    “feeling only so-so
    synonyms: indifferent
    not exceptional in any way especially in quality or ability or size or degree
  2. adverb
    in an acceptable (but not outstanding) manner
    synonyms: acceptably, tolerably
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    intolerably, unacceptably
    to an unacceptable degree
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