1. preferred more desirable than another
  2. revered profoundly honored
  3. severed detached by cutting
  4. surefooted not liable to stumble or fall
  5. pervert corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality
  6. co-referent relating to coreference
  7. sure-footed not liable to stumble or fall
  8. silverrod plant of eastern North America having creamy white flowers
  9. Hereford hardy English breed of dairy cattle raised extensively in United States
  10. Siegfried (German mythology) mythical German warrior hero of the Nibelungenlied who takes possession of the accursed treasure of the Nibelungs by slaying the dragon that guards it and awakens Brynhild and is eventually killed; Sigurd is the Norse counterpart
  11. surfer someone who engages in surfboarding
  12. coarse-furred having coarse hair or fur
  13. referral the act of sending or directing something to someone
  14. subvert overthrow or destroy completely
  15. sauce verte mayonnaise with tarragon or dill and chopped watercress and spinach or cucumber
  16. reserved set aside for the use of a particular person or party
  17. pour forth flow or cause to flow out
  18. silverweed low-growing perennial having leaves silvery beneath
  19. coreferent related by sharing a symbolic link to a concrete object or an abstraction
  20. servitude the state of being required to labor for someone else