Definitions of sluggishness
  1. noun
    the pace of things that move relatively slowly
    “the sluggishness of the economy”
    “the sluggishness of the compass in the Arctic cold”
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    type of:
    clip, pace, rate
    the relative speed of progress or change
  2. noun
    inactivity; showing an unusual lack of energy
    “the general appearance of sluggishness alarmed his friends”
    synonyms: flatness, languor, lethargy, phlegm
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    type of:
    inactiveness, inactivity, inertia
    a disposition to remain inactive or inert
  3. noun
    a state of comatose torpor (as found in sleeping sickness)
    synonyms: lassitude, lethargy
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    mental lethargy or dullness
    type of:
    torpidity, torpor
    a state of motor and mental inactivity with a partial suspension of sensibility
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