1. slating thin layers of rock used for roofing
  2. sleuthing a police investigation to determine the perpetrator
  3. slighting tending to diminish or disparage
  4. sledding the sport of riding on a sled or sleigh
  5. sliding being a smooth continuous motion
  6. salting the act of adding salt to food
  7. shielding the act of shielding from harm
  8. slang informal language that is inappropriate for formal occasions
  9. clothing a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
  10. sloughing the process whereby something is shed
  11. spotting the act of spotting or staining something
  12. clotting the process of forming semisolid lumps in a liquid
  13. slowgoing not inclined to be enterprising
  14. sloping having a slanting form or direction
  15. slaying unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being
  16. slowing a decrease in rate of change
  17. scolding rebuking a person harshly
  18. satang 100 satangs equal 1 baht in Thailand
  19. splitting resembling a sound of violent tearing as of something ripped apart or lightning splitting a tree
  20. loathing hate coupled with disgust