A sleigh is a large sled that's pulled by horses, or in the case of Santa Claus, by reindeer.

A sleigh is usually big enough for at least two passengers to ride in. Most sleighs travel across snow or ice, sliding on smooth runners, and are pulled by one or more horses. In Britain, this is more often called a sledge, or sometimes a sled. In North America, a sled is much smaller than a sleigh, and it's used for fun rather than transportation. Sleigh comes from the Dutch slee.

Definitions of sleigh

n a vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs; for transportation over snow

sled, sledge
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bob, bobsled, bobsleigh
a long racing sled (for 2 or more people) with a steering mechanism
bobsled, bobsleigh
formerly two short sleds coupled together
dog sled, dog sleigh, dogsled
a sled pulled by dogs
a racing sled for one or two people
a one-horse sleigh consisting of a box on runners
a long narrow sled without runners; boards curve upward in front
Type of:
a conveyance that transports people or objects

v ride (on) a sled

dogsled, mush
travel with a dogsled
bob, bobsled
ride a bobsled
luge, toboggan
move along on a luge or toboggan
Type of:
be carried or travel on or in a vehicle

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