Other forms: slaloms; slaloming; slalomed

A slalom is a type of race in which downhill skiers swerve back and forth between gates or poles. Slalom races are an important part of the winter Olympics every four years.

The race itself is called a slalom, and when you participate or practice this type of ski course, you slalom. You can use the verb any time someone's racing or moving this way, too, winding back and forth: "Watch that little kid slalom down the hill on her tricycle!" The Norwegian source is slalam, "sloping track."

Definitions of slalom
  1. noun
    a downhill race over a winding course defined by upright poles
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    type of:
    ski race, skiing race
    a race between people wearing skis
  2. verb
    race on skis around obstacles
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    type of:
    move along on skis
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