1. incredulous not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving
  2. syncretize unite (beliefs or conflicting principles)
  3. syncretise unite (beliefs or conflicting principles)
  4. concretize make something concrete
  5. concretise make something concrete
  6. King Oedipus (Greek mythology) a tragic king of Thebes who unknowingly killed his father Laius and married his mother Jocasta; the subject of the drama `Oedipus Rex' by Sophocles
  7. skin care care for the skin
  8. skincare care for the skin
  9. incredible beyond belief or understanding
  10. syncretic of or characterized by syncretism
  11. sacred ibis African ibis venerated by ancient Egyptians
  12. Conocarpus monotypic genus of tropical American trees: button tree
  13. pancarditis inflammation of the entire heart
  14. concreteness the quality of being concrete (not abstract)
  15. concordance a harmonious state of things and of their properties
  16. skiing race a race between people wearing skis
  17. concrete capable of being perceived by the senses
  18. scenic artist an artist specializing in scenic subjects
  19. skin graft a piece of skin taken from a donor area and surgically grafted at the site of an injury or burn
  20. incongruous lacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness

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