A skillet is a round pan that you use to cook things on the stove. Use your skillet to cook bacon and eggs, NOT as a weapon.

You can also call a skillet a "frying pan," and in many parts of the English-speaking world, that's what they do. Skillets are primarily used for frying food, but you can also sauté, sear, brown, or scramble in a skillet. In Britain, a skillet is an old-fashioned type of cooking pot with legs. Experts think the word comes from the Middle French esculette, "a little dish," from the Latin root scutella, "serving platter."

Definitions of skillet

n a pan used for frying foods

frying pan, frypan
electric frying pan
a frying pan heated by electricity
a skillet made of cast iron
Type of:
cooking pan, pan
cooking utensil consisting of a wide metal vessel

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