A skillet is a round pan that you use to cook things on the stove. Use your skillet to cook bacon and eggs, NOT as a weapon.

You can also call a skillet a "frying pan," and in many parts of the English-speaking world, that's what they do. Skillets are primarily used for frying food, but you can also sauté, sear, brown, or scramble in a skillet. In Britain, a skillet is an old-fashioned type of cooking pot with legs. Experts think the word comes from the Middle French esculette, "a little dish," from the Latin root scutella, "serving platter."

Definitions of skillet
  1. noun
    a pan used for frying foods
    synonyms: frying pan, frypan
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    electric frying pan
    a frying pan heated by electricity
    a skillet made of cast iron
    type of:
    cooking pan, pan
    cooking utensil consisting of a wide metal vessel
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