If a friend told you that her family was perfect and they never had any problems, would you believe her? If not, you may be skeptical. Skeptical people look at the world with a certain amount of doubt.

This word comes from ancient Greece, where a philosopher named Pyrrho taught his followers that we can never really understand the true nature of things, only how they appear to us. (So basically, we should stop searching for the meaning of life and just relax.) In Pyrrho's view, the true sage was someone who realized that it was impossible to be certain about anything. His followers were called Skeptikoi, or Skeptics; the Greek word skeptikos means “given to asking questions.”

Definitions of skeptical
  1. adjective
    marked by or given to doubt
    “a skeptical attitude”
    “a skeptical listener”
    synonyms: doubting, questioning, sceptical
    having or showing distrust
  2. adjective
    denying or questioning the tenets of especially a religion
    “a skeptical approach to the nature of miracles”
    synonyms: disbelieving, sceptical, unbelieving
    not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving
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