When things sizzle, they make a sound like the hissing and popping you hear when you fry food in fat. Drop pieces of bacon in a hot pan and they'll sizzle.

A grilled cheese sandwich sizzles in melted butter, and veggie burgers sizzle on a hot grill. You can also use sizzle in a figurative way, when it's so hot that you feel like food in a hot pan: "I'm not going to the pool today, I'll sizzle in the heat." This verb dates from about 1600, and it probably comes from the imitative Middle English sissen.

Definitions of sizzle

v make a sound like frying fat

Type of:
make noise, noise, resound
emit a noise

v burn or sear with a sizzling sound

“The fat sizzled in the pan”
Type of:
scorch, sear
make very hot and dry

v seethe with deep anger or resentment

“She was sizzling with anger”
Type of:
boil, seethe
be in an agitated emotional state

n a sizzling noise

Type of:
sound of any kind (especially unintelligible or dissonant sound)

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