single-reed instrument

Definitions of single-reed instrument
  1. noun
    a beating-reed instrument with a single reed (as a clarinet or saxophone)
    synonyms: single-reed woodwind
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    a single-reed instrument with a straight tube
    hornpipe, pibgorn, stockhorn
    an ancient (now obsolete) single-reed woodwind; usually made of bone
    sax, saxophone
    a single-reed woodwind with a conical bore
    bass clarinet
    a large clarinet whose range is an octave below the B-flat clarinet
    basset horn
    a tenor clarinet; pitched in the key of F below the B-flat clarinet
    B-flat clarinet, licorice stick
    the ordinary clarinet with a middle range
    type of:
    beating-reed instrument, reed, reed instrument
    a musical instrument that sounds by means of a vibrating reed
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