1. simile a figure of speech expressing a resemblance between things
  2. simplify make easier or reduce in complexity or extent
  3. simply in a simple manner; without extravagance or embellishment
  4. simple eye an eye having a single lens
  5. simple having few parts; not complex or complicated or involved
  6. simple phobia any phobia (other than agoraphobia) associated with relatively simple well-defined stimuli
  7. simplicity the quality of being uncomplicated
  8. swamp bay shrub or small tree having rather small fragrant white flowers; abundant in southeastern United States
  9. sample a small part intended as representative of the whole
  10. symploce repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning and another at the end of successive clauses, i.e., simultaneous use of anaphora and epistrophe
  11. Mobile Bay a bay of the Gulf of Mexico; fed by the Mobile River
  12. sampler someone who samples food or drink for its quality
  13. simple leaf a leaf that is not divided into parts
  14. simpleton a person lacking intelligence or common sense
  15. imply express or state indirectly
  16. impulse-buy buy on impulse without proper reflection
  17. simplified made easy or uncomplicated
  18. simpleness the quality of being simple or uncompounded
  19. amblyopia visual impairment without apparent organic pathology
  20. bumblebee robust hairy social bee of temperate regions