It would be simplistic to say that people who get good grades study more. This answer doesn't account for the complexities of how we learn and are tested. When something is simplistic, it is overly simple.

When your mother tells you to just ignore a bully, you might find her advice simplistic. How can you just ignore his insults? She might also tell you that he probably doesn't have a good home life, or is jealous of you. These too will sound simplistic. The fact is, sometimes there is no simple answer to a problem, and all attempts to solve it quickly will be simplistic.

Definitions of simplistic
  1. adjective
    characterized by extreme and often misleading simplicity
    “a simplistic theory of the universe”
    simplistic arguments of the ruling party”
    having few parts; not complex or complicated or involved
Commonly confused words

simple / simplistic

Simple isn't the same as simplistic. Being simplistic means trying to explain something complicated as being simpler than it is; that is, oversimplifying.

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