1. feature article a special or prominent article in a newspaper or magazine
  2. short-toed eagle any of numerous large Old World hawks intermediate in some respects between typical hawks and typical eagles
  3. review article an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation
  4. short order an order for food that can be prepared quickly
  5. short-range limited to short distances
  6. charter school an experimental public school for kindergarten through grade 12; created and organized by teachers and parents and community leaders; operates independently of other schools
  7. theoretical concerned with hypotheses and not practical considerations
  8. short aria a short aria
  9. toilet articles artifacts used in making your toilet
  10. articulate express or state clearly
  11. short-haired with short hair
  12. definite article a determiner that indicates specificity of reference
  13. short-order of or relating to food that can be prepared quickly
  14. cathartic emotionally purging
  15. short-eared having short ears
  16. news article an article reporting news
  17. shortbread cookie very rich thick butter cookie
  18. antiparticle a particle that has the same mass as another particle but has opposite values for its other properties; interaction of a particle and its antiparticle results in annihilation and the production of radiant energy
  19. short sale sale of securities or commodity futures not owned by the seller (who hopes to buy them back later at a lower price)
  20. article one of a class of artifacts