A shawl is a wide scarf that's worn across the shoulders. If you're attending a fancy party on a cold night, you might wear a soft shawl over your dress.

The word shawl comes from Persian, and is most likely rooted in Sanskrit. This garment first appeared in South Asia, and different regions have varied styles of traditional shawls. Any wide, square piece of fabric that you use to keep warm, cover your head, or even wrap a baby in can be called a shawl.

Definitions of shawl
  1. noun
    cloak consisting of an oblong piece of cloth used to cover the head and shoulders
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    prayer shawl, tallis, tallith
    (Judaism) a shawl with a ritually knotted fringe at each corner; worn by Jews at morning prayer
    sarape, serape
    a long brightly colored shawl; worn mainly by Mexican men
    type of:
    a loose outer garment
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