A shaman is a tribal healer who can act as a medium between the visible world and the spirit world.

Shamans are kind of a mix between priests and doctors. Like a priest, a shaman is a holy man who represents a religion — in this case, shamanism. Like a doctor, a shaman heals people — or at least claims to do so. If you're not into shamanism, you can use this term more generally: A really good teacher, especially one who works a little mysteriously, might be said to work "like a shaman".

Definitions of shaman
  1. noun
    in societies practicing shamanism: one acting as a medium between the visible and spirit worlds; practices sorcery for healing or divination
    synonyms: priest-doctor
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    medicine man
    a Native American shaman
    American Indian medicine man who attempt to make it rain
    type of:
    non-Christian priest, priest
    a person who performs religious duties and ceremonies in a non-Christian religion
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