A shack is a small, rundown building used as a shelter. To shack is to live somewhere. If you tell your parents you want to shack up with your best friend, prepare to get grounded.

A shack is a tiny, crude shelter that one person might be living in. It’s not well maintained, and it probably has peeling paint and a leaky roof. A shack is a big step below a house and a small step above a refrigerator box. To shack is to live somewhere, especially somewhere that's not nice. Shacking up is kind of like crashing on someone’s couch, or living somewhere temporarily.

Definitions of shack
  1. noun
    small crude shelter used as a dwelling
    synonyms: hovel, hut, hutch, shanty
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    igloo, iglu
    an Eskimo hut; usually built of blocks (of sod or snow) in the shape of a dome
    a reed hut in the marshlands of Iraq; rare since the marshes were drained
    type of:
    a structure that provides privacy and protection from danger
  2. verb
    make one's home in a particular place or community
    synonyms: domicile, domiciliate, reside
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    live in the country and lead a rustic life
    type of:
    dwell, inhabit, live, populate
    inhabit or live in; be an inhabitant of
  3. verb
    move, proceed, or walk draggingly or slowly
    synonyms: trail
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    type of:
    go, locomote, move, travel
    change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically
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