Sergeant describes a certain rank for a police or military officer. If you've been promoted to sergeant, congratulations are in order.

Sergeant comes from the Old French sergent and originally from the Latin verb servire meaning "to serve," as in "to serve and protect," a police sergeant's job. Remember that sergeant is spelled with an "e" after the "s" (it's often misspelled with an "a").

Definitions of sergeant
  1. noun
    any of several noncommissioned officer ranks in the Army or Air Force or Marines ranking above a corporal
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    color sergeant
    a sergeant in a color guard who carries one of the colors
    first sergeant, sergeant first class
    a sergeant in the Army above the rank of staff sergeant and below master sergeant
    gunnery sergeant
    a noncommissioned officer ranking above a staff sergeant in the marines
    master sergeant
    a senior noncommissioned officer in the Army or Marines
    a sergeant deputized to enlist recruits
    SMSgt, senior master sergeant
    a senior noncommissioned officer in the Air Force with a rank comparable to master sergeant in the Army
    command sergeant major, sergeant major
    a noncommissioned officer serving as chief administrative officer of a headquarters unit of the Army
    staff sergeant
    a noncommissioned officer ranking above corporal and below sergeant first class in the Army or Marines or above airman 1st class in the Air Force
    technical sergeant
    a noncommissioned officer ranking below a master sergeant in the air force or marines
    orderly sergeant
    the first sergeant of a company; duties formerly included the conveyance of orders
    type of:
    enlisted officer, noncom, noncommissioned officer
    a military officer appointed from enlisted personnel
  2. noun
    a lawman with the rank of sergeant
    synonyms: police sergeant
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    buck sergeant
    a sergeant of the lowest rank in the military
    desk sergeant, deskman, station keeper
    the police sergeant on duty in a police station
    type of:
    law officer, lawman, peace officer
    an officer of the law
  3. noun
    an English barrister of the highest rank
    synonyms: sergeant-at-law, serjeant, serjeant-at-law
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    type of:
    a British or Canadian lawyer who speaks in the higher courts of law on behalf of either the defense or prosecution
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